How It All Began

Glen Hickenlooper founded Glens Key in 1924 at age 21. He had an innate gift for working with keys, locks and safes. Starting with just a bicycle and a leather bag of tools, he grew the business by solving customers’ problems. He duplicated and replaced lost keys. He opened, repaired and upgraded locks of all sorts.

His Key to Success

Glen knew the company’s success depended on having the best technicians—who are empowered with the latest training, technology, equipment and inventory—to serve clients properly.

Glen & Mabel Hickenlooper
Glen & Mabel Hickenlooper
Salt Lake City Locksmith: Glens Store

Carrying the Legacy Forward

Throughout the last 95 years, the company has grown into the mainstay of locksmithing services and access control in Utah and its neighboring states (including Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming). As a worker-run establishment today, Glens Key hopes to continue the legacy of its founder for many years to come.